MenajErie Studio
Jessica Taylor
MenajErie Studio
1909 Chestnut Street
Erie, PA 16502
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Special Skills & Experience

We are a full-service, woman owned video production company. Founded in 2013, MenajErie Studio has been a leader in professional video content around the area. We are a team of 4 filmmakers that specialize in documentary filmmaking and brand films. Our style is unique, and genuine. We pride ourselves on our ability to capture authenticity.

In 2018, we self-produced "Rust Belt New Americans" - an award winning, short documentary about Erie's refugee population. Over the years, we have worked on countless other projects - most of our clients being businesses (large and small).

Located in the heart of historic Little Italy, is our 1,200 sqft sound stage including a WhisperRoom audio capturing booth, an arsenal of equipment from cameras to lighting, and a 1,200 sqft office space for pre and post production. Down the hall is BOTH Studios - a design and fabricator that we utilize for any set construction needs.


  • CAMERA - 1st Assistant Camera
  • 2020: Flower
  • CAMERA - Aerial Operator
  • 2020: Unearth
  • PRODUCERS - Associate Producer
  • 2020: Our Erie

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